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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 1, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's a brand-new week and we have brand-new videos for you "right this minute." brake, brake. >> a paraglider gets frantic instructs to get out of the spin. see if anything can stop his spiral. >> rescue, rescue. >> a dude lures bald eagles towards a camera. >> is this what we're going it see. >> the eagle takes the bait and the gopro. >> it was incredible. i was blown away. >> a girl's got her popcorn at movies but -- >> when the preview starts
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rolling, it's her. >> why there's not a dry eye in the theater after this surprise. and the a rooftop wrestling match. >> notice down here. >> how four folding tables took on the canadian destroyers. i've got a couple refined videos for you. a nail-biter. the video shot in that panepal. a paraglider. watch what happens. >> brake, brake, brake. >> oh! oh! >> that's not going good. this guy goes into a static spiral and just keeps going, keeps going, keeps going. but listen to the audio. >> brake, brake, brake, brake, brake, brake. >> that's an instructor. >> over the radio. >> yes, exactly, talking to the guy, tolding him to brake, to try to get out of the spin. keep watching. >> rescue.
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>> oh, no. >> oh no. >> oh! >> thank goodness it is water. we spoke to an expert about this. what we were told is that this is a training session, situation involved training session, and this happened over water in case things like this happened. they're training in situations that are dangerous. the paraglider froze up. >> the guy's fine? >> the guy apparently had no injuries as a result of the crash into water. you'll probably recognize this juken video. we had it on our show back in april. if you remember, a guy on a motorcycle in the uk, windy road, going at high rates of speed. here comes a car. he almost hit that car head-on, evidently taking that turn too wide. a car around the blind curve, he fell off, lost his bike off of a 40-foot embankment.
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the spinning, the gopro, it's not necessarily his body spinning. it's still a tough video to watch. why the in world would i be showing it again? police launched an investigation. i've got an update. jack sanderson, the guy riding the motorcycle, is 22, found guilty of dangerous driving, sentenced to a two-year driving ban. 300 hours of community service a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months because of the video. >> if you do weird stuff and film yourself and upload after all of that what do you expect? >> don't drive ridiculously on a bike. >> listen for a familiar sound. we all know it. >> back up. back up. go for it. >> yeah. that is familiar sound of a taser, my friend. being tasered, a naked man, 22, west end, brisbane, australian
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why is a naked man being tasered? skateboarding, pushed over -- they wasn't naked yet. >> i was about to say what was that like? >> fully clothed skateboarding, push over a -- pushed over a police officer nearby. a male bystander jumped in, other cons jumped in, the guy gets tased. that's where we are in the video. you can barely see him going down there after he pushed the cyclist he started stripping help was acting strange. other people there on the street, bystanders, people that saw this go down, he was acting weird. he was banging his head into cars before he tackled the cyclist. not the best form for this guy. you can see him face-down in the photo, being accosted by the police. >> notice what a wide burst of the police, who wants to wrestle a naked man?
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they didn't want to get near mr. pick's pick. >> you can see here in photo, faces charges of assault on officer. the court said unfit to appear and unfit to be questioned. so they had to send him to get his mental health evaluated. happy to say the female officer who was tackled and everything, she has been released from the hospital. >> guy, i have a video presented by freedom and democracy eagle cam. these guys have hidden a little gopro and put salmon heads around it to attract eagles to get very cool nature shots. eagle comes swooping in. it's this way. is this what we're going to see? is this the pay-off? not close. we get to enjoy the first person experience of being lower on the food chain. one of the eagles decides to swoop in and take the gopro with him. >> awesome! >> disappointed bird. >> yeah. >> when he realized, this is not official.
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>> i'm sure we've all got questions. we want to find out more about this whole thing. we have mason, 16, on skype with us now. mason, hello, how are you doing? >> hi, guys. >> how did you find the gopro? >> it was grueling. it was probably about a four-hour search. i lost where the eagle actually went when it flew away. i kind of walked around in the woods in a general direction. >> tell us what you saw when you first saw the footage. you must have known it would have been gold when the eagle took off with it. >> that's why i persisted for four hours. i didn't care about the quality of the camera, i wanted to know i got the footage. incredible. i was blown away. >> do you think there was any chance you would find it or it was a lost caused. >> i thought if i looked long enough in the general area, i'd happen upon it generally. >> are you surprised how much attention the footage is getting? yeah, i was veryit. >> mason, congratulations on
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finding the gopro. thank you for uploading that footage. very entertaining. >> no problem. thank you, guys. >> criminals do not learn. in this video, these would-be robbers didn't learn or didn't realize that size doesn't matter. watch this. these guys thought if they get a big truck without the trailer, we'll be able to ram through the wall of a as if station and make away with the atm. that's what you see them doing here. they back up and smash against the wall of the gas station. they manage to cause a ton of damage. >> they ended up leaving empty handed. you see them here. they did leave a ton of damage behind. look at this. >> whoa. >> that's the dumbest attempt i've possibly ever seen. people try to steal atms all the time. this is worst approach. >> next one in texas, these
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robbers just stormed into a game room, handguns drawn. you see when they first walk in they've got someone on the ground, they're jumping observe that person, some of them use some kind of t-shirt or cloth to cover their face. once inside they immediately terrorize the people that are there, the customers. they all drop to the ground. obviously fearing for their lives. there are now guns pointed at them. they end up stealing cash from not just the business but some of the customers there. the police hoping that someone identifies the people. they are offering $1,000 reward. something's stuck behind the grill of that bmw. what we're talking about is a puppy. >> see who comes to the rescue, next. we've got one very, very fast chase at speeds approaching -- >> 2 billion now. >> see how the cops get their man on "right this minute."
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guys, i have a dash cam the video. we'll have a police chase. kicks off here. this bike with two guys, pull a u-turn in front of the police car. i think it may have been illegal u-turn, gets the cops' attention. they pull him over, put the siren on, bike slows down. he's like, hello, let's see your papers. guy on the bike had another
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thought, and he takes off like a bat out of hell. there's a red light. he's going speeding through the red light, but we don't see. the police car tries to block him off. he takes off at top speed down the main street. one red light. ding, we have red night number two. cars crossing intersection left and right, police trying to look out. he gets through. keeps putting his foot down, or hand down, using a motor bike, decides to use the tram line. >> like he's trying to rack up points in a video game. >> doing well. accelerating up to 160 kilometer miles an hour, that's 2 billion miles an hour. he's feeling good. getting through the red lights. now, i should bring into this he's extremely drunk. >> oh. >> which will become clear in three, two, bang. >> oh, after all of that. >> what? he misjudged the gap. >> just a little bit. five feet off. so the rider goes flying over
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the top he's in front of the cars. decides to make a run for it. in the case of the driver, a hop for it. he's over the fence, off and away but the police catch him. not only drunk everybody but already on suspended license. racked up six new traffic offenses and he may go down for two years. we're going to play a game here what happen could possibly be stuck inside this bmw? when i say inside, i don't mean inside where the doors are. the front grate of this. >> cat or snake? >> this is what's stuck. >> what's go on there? al. >> a squiel. >>zing we spotted him. >> a squirrel that actually hit the car. this was a car squirrel, car accident. the squirrel ended up sliding in between the front grates. >> see that word -- >> squirle.
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>> in england it's a squirrel. >> a squirrel. >> what's a squirrel? >> what we're talking about is a puppy tailed rodent. >> what do you do if a squirrel is stuck inside a bmw? you call in the wildlife aid foundation. our friend simon cowell, he's in with his vet nurse lucy and they are trying to help get this squirrel unstuck from the bmw, but the squirrel has other ideas how he's going to get out of this bmw. here what happens mr. squirrel decides to do. he got out on his own. >> oh. >> oh my god, he -- >> ends up running back where he came from but the squirrel basically rescued itself. >> good for him. he survived. >> jack's happy fish. >> what's up? you ready?
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>> andrew wants to propose to mindy. >> for the past six weeks we've been plotting to propose to my girlfriend. >> they go to the movies. as you can see, there's a reaction cam. she doesn't realize when the preview starts rolling, it's her. >> think about how much work it takes you've got to tell the theater, convince them, get her there, set up the camera. >> she's gorgeous. >> she looks like she belongs on that movie screen. yeah. she's a pretty girl. she has some standards about what her future husband has to be like. >> has to date a person for a year, had to see them when they were angry, had to be religious, want kids, my mom has to approve of you. >> he got family and friends involved in the making of this. what's really funny, he went to mom and she had some interview questions. >> history of past mental
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illness? any criminal behavior? lying, stealing, lewdness, indecent exposure? >> i would not pass that test. >> the sweetest part, though, when he asked dad for permission. >> when i see you and mindy together, i -- i see a daughter that's happy. you have my approval. you have my approval. >> here he is dropping on one knee and asking the big question. >> will you be mine for all time and eternity? will you marry me. >> yes. >> once the tears start flowing, you know how it's going to go. >> one great father/daughter dance. >> i like how she pointed and he knew, move it on other to this side. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> staying alive in some very intense waters. >> go away. >> intense. >> it's getting intense, next.
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a message in a bottle wants something from you. >> goodness. >> i good all tingly. >> see its final wish on "right this minute." enenerergygy, , en. it's insnsidide e ofof a allll . evevenen g garary y heh. [a[apppplalaususe]e] beberorocccca a hahas s guguarae to support mental sharpness. ohoh y yeaeah!h! eaearlrly y momornrnining ? no problem. [applause] plplusus, , beberorocccca a haho support physical energy. some assememblbly y rerequq? awawwwww. . chchererisisheh. [a[awwwwwwwwwwww]] i'i'm m brbriningigingng d do! [a[apppplalaususe.e. l laua] twtwo o ththiningsgs. . ono. beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaa
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>> closed captioning provided by -- totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen ,
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anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces carare.e. smsmilile e ststror. these videos of activity happening on the water are pretty awesome. in the juken video, we see surfer jamie o'brien catching a wave right off the coast in california, an area known as the wedge. >> go, wedge. >> that can be intense, the wedge. >> starts paddling out, right? on the wave, he's about to catch it on his board but he's got two boards, not just one. >> what? >> he's riding the other. >> oh. >> he switched boards. >> why would you do this? trying to test them out? see which one you like better? >> you know whye's doing it? because he can.wls exetion of t board transfer, he the first
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board was close, could have hit him. >> could have hit all of the other surfers in the ocean. >> if you want to be that cool, you've got to be a little reckless. >> got to be reckless. >> and then disappears. >> now check this other one out. this is a x1 water bike. video shot in lake tahoe. this guy's biking his way through the lake. >> what's the extra handle bars? >> steering with it. >> oh, yeah. it's like a rudder. what i like about this, even though he's cycling on the lake, he's wearing ridiculous cycling outfit. >> if you like cycling and the wart, do both. >> combine the two loves. >> why not? >> water cycling. licks a spoon full of peanut butter. ♪ ♪
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i have a lovely story for you guys. a lovely tribute. check out some of the photos, posted on kindness blog. this story's catching fire on the internet. a couple of guys out fishing and a guy found this bottle. and look really closely, there's a message inside that bottle. what do you do if you fine a message in a bottle? you have to open the bottle up and read the message. when they finally didding they found a laminated message inside. you can see, it says, california, 8/17 i 2014. a newer message in the bottle. my name is mel i have three beautiful kids and a beautiful wife almost 54 years. when i pass, i love the ocean, deep sea fishing, hunting with my two sons and visiting the tide pools. today my family is laying me to
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rest in a place i love, the ocean. this starts my journey if you find this message in a bottle, go to my facebook page, post a pick of yourself, where you found me, sent me back on my journey. thanks, and god bless, from mel's family. >> oh my goodness. >> i got all tingly. >> melvin stanley clary. here his first facebook page, his family. the people that found the bottle did what mel requested, they posted a picture of the bottle, filled it back up and sent mel back on his journey for other people to find. so eventually we may go back to melvin's page and see the message open by people all over the world. wrestling on the roof, no danger here, right? >> watch what happens here. >> see how to goes down on "right this minute." >> oh! snap! they're not on me.
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>> they're huge, they're this big. >> sleepy polar bear naps on a rock.
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♪ time for good-old, knock-down, drag-out backyard wrestling. the move they're about to do is the canadian destroyer. the name itself seems like an anomaly. >> they've got tights on, knee pads but notice here, that's about four folding tables. now, watch what happens here. this move is pretty insane. >> oh! >> snap! >> windchill that again. they flip around. hard to tell who is doing the move to who at this point but it's a guy who is standing up because he flips around one full
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time and then slams the other dude like head-first into those tables. they go crashing down. >> like he was sitting on his head by the time that they landed in that flip, like he put his head to the table, and his butt was on top of it. >> one dude look like he's all right. i guess the show mist ust go on. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we'll get your week started with grade veideos from the web "rigt this minute." a snapchat video records an epic frat party, including the moment -- >> the house down. >> how all of the fun leads to one raging infern another. >> [ bleep ], this is real. >> a car keeps veering over the center line. >> that's the driver you're like, i don't know if something's up with that dude. >> trying to get around him is a bush league move. rising floods threaten a home on


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